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Paikantaminen Toliara Province Toliara : Maa Madagaskar, Toliara Province Toliara.
Saatavilla olevat tiedot : Väkiluku, Pinta-ala ja Hotelli.

Tiedot Toliara

Toliara ProvinceToliara
TyyppiToliara Province
ISO 3166-2MG-U

Tiedot Toliara

Väkiluku2.229.550 asukkaita
Pinta-ala161.405 km²
Asukastiheys13,8 /km²

Kartta Toliara

Hotelli Toliara

Hotelli Princesse du LagonPrincesse du Lagon
Located in front of its private beach, this charming hotel features a spa and fitness centre, an infinity pool and a reading room with books, DVDs and a laptop... näytä enemmän
Hotelli Auberge de la TableAuberge de la Table
Located along the South West coast of Madagascar, 13 km from Toliara, Auberge de la Table offers an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and garden. The Toliara Airport is 4 km away and private parking is available on site... näytä enemmän

Sivu Toliara

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